About Us

The body is the one true possession that people own all of their life. The Solos philosophy is to treat it; pamper it; look after it.

The treatments are specifically designed for customers who want to be self-indulgent and want to escape from the stresses that modern life presents. The salon environment is unique as it offers nail bar and a fully equipped beauty room, designed to provide an intimate space for our clients. The salon environment communicates the fact that Solos Hair and Beauty salon really cares for the well-being of its clients.

Solos Hair & Beauty Salon offers professional treatments, which is a unique blend of specialised, skilful services combined with mineral and aromatic products. The salon is staffed with experienced professionals whose common aim is to create a place of ultimate relaxation that focuses on the clients physical and sensory experiences. As our client you will realise that your well-being and beauty is high in our priority. We pay special attention to your needs and our caring skilful therapists provide comfortable surrounds and services that aspire to restore your sense of well-being and enable you to look and feel refreshed.