Relax in pure pleasure – Solos designed for you

Our services are created to promote the individual tranquillity and well-being of our customers. Our salon offers a relaxing and stylish atmosphere with a wide range of treatments and products. The salon provides intimacy, elegance and staff with expertise designed with you in mind.

Pure induglence

For pure indulgence you can hire the salon for yourself (and two individuals maximum) at a flat rate of £60.00 per hour. All private hires are greeted by the manager, refreshments are given and customers are invited to select their choice of music, either from their private collection or classical or Jazz played by the salon for the duration of their stay (customers music must be inoffensive).

Body treatments

Tanning Treatments – We provide the créme de la créme for tanning treatments, which provides smooth, long-lasting golden colour that look natural in all seasons.

Massage Treatments – Our distinctive massage treatments uses essential oils and therapeutic techniques that are tailored to your needs. Our massage therapist specialises in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Aching Treatments and Indian Head Massage. We provide varies treatments as listed in our price list.

Treatments for Men

We provide treatments for skin irritation, shaving bumps, greyness, tiredness and stress.

Treatments for Pregnant Women

We offer a service for full face and body treatments for all stages of pregnancy and post-natal stages, in which we pay specific attention to easing backache, stress, fatigue and improving general well-being.

Treatments for Brides and Wedding Parties

We provide relaxing massages and full pampering treatment for the brides and her bridal party give to beginning the relaxing and exciting journey toward a memorial and important day.

Treatments for Business People

Our treatments offer business people the opportunity to unwind and forget about the stresses of the day. We encourage total relaxation with a deep pampering massage to leave the mind and body calm and rebalanced.


We offer wax treatments for all areas of the body for both men and women.